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As history tends to repeat itself, in Brazil several successful professional clubs started with a ball, a group of friends and a lot of passion for football. At our beginning the starting point wasn't much different, after all we have Brazilian founders.

After a few years playing in different clubs and teams around Sydney, Jonas wasn't feeling that the football experience as a whole was complete as he used to feel back home, where playing football is a greater moment with friends having a barbecue after the matches and deeper connection is build during and after every 90 minutes in a very traditional Brazilian style to live in community. Those previews frustrated experiences in other clubs led Jonas to gather his own crew and share the same feeling about the most loved sport in Brazil. 


By the end of 2019, Jonas found out about a recently finished pitch in Rockdale, the Ador Reserve Synthetic Field, and he saw in there an opportunity to play an 11-side match on a high quality ground. Needing more men to play, he reached out to Facebook's Brazilian community and spread the word of his vision.


Ador Reserve.jpg

Ador Reserve Synthetic Field at Rockdale - 2018

Since the beginning Brighton Heat was carefully driven and lots of precautions taken regardless respect, commitment and quality, everything in order to achieve the best experience on and off the field.

The news was reaching good level players who ware struggling with the same lack of Brazilian style place to play and looking for a team to perform. After playing every Sunday morning during the Summer and bonding as a group of friends, Jonas and others felt like they had a nice squad to compete. Once again the entrepreneur Jonas was looking forward a next level challenge which was founding a tournament to fit in and it happened that the Inner City Football Association accepted the newborn team of friends founded by Jonas Rodrigues, Icaro Chicarelli, Eder Arruda and Rodrigo Campos on 10/02/2020 in a friendly match against Surry Hills FC, the match ended up in a draw.



First competition,
first trophy

A few months ran by, the squad was formed and training to have the official debut and then on 05/07/20 the team started in the Inner City Football Association in the Eastern Suburbs playing at Centennial Park during the Winter season of 2020. At the end of the establishment year the recent born team was lifting the first trophy.


Read more about Tony Mott Shield trophy.


Became United

Cottam Cup 2021 Debut
Kemps Creek 0 Vs 3 Brighton Heat FC/Maroubra United FC

by JM Sports Photography

After a successful debut season the team as a whole decided to move forward to a next challenge and by the end of 2020 we joined Maroubra United FC to play the next season.

The ESFA League (Eastern Suburbs Football Association) is a very traditional association in Sydney which has a lot of different levels winter competitions and we've agreed to play All Ages Men Divisions 1 & 3. Suddenly our team became 2 and Brighton Heat FC was naturally turning into something already bigger.

By the end of 2020 we had filled 2 squads with almost 40 athletes in total. Alongside the league there was other competitions to be played wearing the green and yellow jerseys, such as ESFA Cup, New South Wales State Cup and Cottam Cup.


All that good exposure led the club to even bigger opportunities in the near future


All Ages Men Divisions 1 & 3
Brighton heat FC/Maroubra United FC
- by JM Sports Photography



New year, new trophy


Australian National Sports Club Challenge Cup 2021 Winners

- by JM Sports Photography

In order to get ready for the heavy season arriving, the club managed to join both squads into a Summer competition in the early 2021, the Australian National Sports Club Challenge Cup (ANSC).


The cup was set as a small World Cup, one squad represented Netherlands due to our orange jersey and the other squad represented Colombia to honour our Colombian and South American athletes.


Netherlands and Colombia squads in the Australian National Sports Club Challenge 2021 - by JM Sports Photography

Both squads presented a high football level, showing the Brazilian DNA ability, technique and willing. Unfortunately the Colombian squad got kicked off before the semi-final, but the Netherland revenged the teammates and ended up winners in a undefeated campaign. 

ANSC final.jpg

Read more about the ANSC Challenge Cup Trophy.


Since the beginning Brighton Heat is made by pioneer people who invest time, knowledge and dedication to make the club become something greater now and for the future.

From November 2021, Brighton Heat FC is the first ever Brazilian club registered under the New South Wales Football Association. This allows the club to develop even more and opened countless possibilities to our future.


Jonas Rodrigues, President, Coach and Co-Founder

by JM Sports Photography

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